The Phantom Of The Opera 오페라 '오페라의 유령' OST  중고2LP  GF커버

속비닐 포함 / 앨범자켓 모서리부분 세월에인한 헤짐 있음, 앨범자켓 세월에인한 흔적 있음


1. Think Of Me

2. Angel Of Music

3. Little Lotte... / The Mirror...

4. The Phantom Of The Opera

5. The Music Of The Night

6. I Remember... / Stranger Than You Dream It


1. Magical Lasso...

2. Notes... / Pirima Donna

3. Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh

4. Why HaveYou Brought Me Here... / Raoul, I've Been There

5. All I Ask Of You

6. All I Ask Of You (Reprise)


1. Masquerade / Why So Silent

2. Notes... / Whisted Every Way

3. Wishing You Were Somewhere Here Again

4. Wandering Child... / Bravo, Monsieur...


1. The Point Of No Return

2. Down Once More... / Track Down This Murderer...